Punjab Institute of Agriculture Marketing has following main objectives:-

  • Capacity building for
    • Better deliverence by staff and enhancement of market efficiency
    • Understanding market signals by stakeholders
    • Reduce post-harvest losses and increase value addition
    • Export promotion and compliance of quality standards
  • Enhance value addition by creating awareness, capacity building, and transfer of technology for preservation of fruits and vegetables.
  • Training of farmers, extension staff and other stakeholders to respond to the market signals for better planning, production and promoting the products according to market requirements.
  • Build capacity of staff of Agriculture Marketing Wing, Market Committees and Agriculture Extension to educate farmers and facilitate agriculture marketing on modern lines.
  • Increase efficiency in terms of management and transparency to reduce price spread i.e the differences of prices paid by the consumers and that received by the producer especially in case of fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce the post-harvest losses through better handling, improved packaging and proper grading by trained / better informed manpower as per requirements at different stages during the process of marketing.