Frequently Asked Questions

What does Punjab Institute of Agriculture Marketing (PIAM) do? Top

Punjab Institute of Agriculture Marketing (PIAM) is the apex training institute of the Agriculture Marketing, Agriculture Department, Government of the Punjab, established in the year 2006. It conducts various programs for training and development of its employees which includes Induction Courses, Promotion Related Courses and Customized Courses.

What infrastructural facilities for training are available for the participants at PIAM? Top
PIAM has an outclass and state of the art training infrastructure which includes Seminar Hall, Conference Hall, Executive Hall, Interactive Class Room, Syndicate Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Computer Lab,  Auditorium, Library and Dining hall. For out station participants facility of well-furnished hostel is also available.
What is Vision of PIAM? Top
Our Vision is “To develop Motivated, Proactive, Dedicated and Disciplined Resources”.  
What kind of Post Induction Trainings does PIAM offer? Top
PIAM offers Post Induction Trainings for officers of AOs and EADAs and others.
How can I join Training at PIAM? Top
PIAM conducts trainings under the directions of the SSAM. Government servants nominated by SSAM can join training course after receiving confirmation from PIAM.
What is the procedure for availing hostel stay facility? Top
Only Government Servants nominated for a training are allowed to avail hostel stay facility. Except training participants any other person is not allowed to stay in hostel. Participants belonging to Lahore are not provided hostel stay facility. Families of participants are also not provided hostel stay facility.
What is the arrangement of meals during stay at PIAM Hostel? Top
Charges for meals are paid by the participants themselves.
Does PIAM charge fee for trainings? Top
PIAM charges no fee for any training.  
Where is PIAM located? Top
PIAM is situated at 2nd Floor, 21-Davis Road, Lahore Pakistan.
Does PIAM have a policy of periodic review for its training components? Top
PIAM may review the existing modules for various contents periodically and give suggestions for improvement of the trainings time to time when needed.